Better Protection

2 feet to 1,600 feet—you can depend on range no matter what the incident requires. The incident environment is stressful and loud. With the headsets on, your entire crew is protected, but not disconnected. Communication is clear between team members for a faster recovery with enhanced situational awareness.

Faster Incident Response

Operators and riggers talk to each other in real-time and completely hands-free. You’ll deliver instructions clearly and answer questions directly—while the work happens. There’s no cause to shout or need to use hand signals…just clear communication to get the job done faster.

Improved Precision

There’s no communication breakdown between operators and riggers. Visibility is not required. Far-side operators, talk with your riggers regardless of whether you can see them or not. On-scene precision and performance goes up as you reduce errors and avoid costly mistakes.

Enhanced Safety

Real-time communication gives the crew warnings, alerts, instructions and updates. Each crew can have their own channel to talk to each other. You’ll avoid job hazards, risk of injuries and mistakes. At the same time, listen-through lets in the right amount of environmental sound for situational awareness.